57 Church St, Pascoag, RI 02859

A Permanent Home???

Remember Rosemond Steere? She passed away around 1913 and, although she had moved away, she never forgot the library. She left us $500 in her will with the requirement that it go toward a building within 10 years.

The ladies lost no time starting a building fund. On March 26, 1913 , “Seven Ages of Women” , an afternoon and evening event, was held at The Music Hall on Main Street in Pascoag.

“The Hall was transformed into a fairyland” The afternoon events included piano selections, recitations, the main event- a baby show, and a bazaar filled with decorated booths, which nearly sold out.

The bazaar remained open during the evening while a seven-piece orchestra provided musical entertainment. According to The Evening Call, “a substantial sum was netted for the Library”.

Looks like we have a good start on making that 10 year deadline!