57 Church St, Pascoag, RI 02859

Founding Our Library

The year was 1871.

The Civil War has been over for only six years.  General U. S. Grant is the President. The Transcontinental Railroad has been in existence for two years. The Great Chicago Fire took place in October of this year.  Radio, television and movies did not yet exist. (We’re still sharing knowledge)

A group of prominent citizens, primarily women, and later all women, had an idea. They wanted to create a circulating library for the Village of Pascoag.  Nothing like this existed in Burrillville, this would be a first. This group of women became The Ladies Pascoag Library Association, which is still the legal name of our Board of Trustees.

Why a library?  There was little, in the way of entertainment, offered to young people in town and the opportunity to have access to books beyond one’s own bookshelf seemed like a good idea. The ladies held successful fundraisers, including evening entertainments such as dances and masquerades, and were able to purchase about 500 books.